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Product Slider

Bring more purchases to your store by attracting customer attention to your special offers with sticky sliders. Create an unlimited number of eye-catching banner sliders with no programming skills required.

  1. Locate banners anywhere at store based on your needs
  2. Highlight sliders with a rich set of animation effects
  3. Schedule limited-time promo campaigns
  4. Automatically resize images for smartphones
  5. Set up separate views for mobile and desktop
  6. Lead customers to purchases by adding target URLs
  7. Benefit from compatibility with Jet Theme by


Static banners became a victim of the so-called ad blindness, now people are used to ignoring them. Using animated banner sliders instead is more effective as they trigger visitors’ attention with movement. Unfortunately, default Magento options in creating banner sliders are limited, as well as the ability to customize the design.


Magento 2 Banner Slider is a helper in promoting new products and special offers. Adjust slider’s design elements, configure animation effects, and link banners to your bestsellers, landings, or any other target pages. Enjoy user-friendly configurations and make necessary customizations with no special skills required.

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