GDPR Consent

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GDPR Consent

Magento 2 GDPR extension is designed to help online stores comply with the latest legislative EU requirements and strengthen data security and privacy. Make sure your site collects all required consents and avoid penalties.

  1. Obtain multiple users consents on various pages
  2. Get cookie consents with an advanced popup
  3. Let customers manage their personal data in accounts
  4. Automatically delete irrelevant data
  5. Save personal data in recent documentation
  6. Collect all privacy consents in one place

Since the EU’s data protection reform has taken place, privacy issues have become a challenge for e-commerce stores. It’s a new regulation that is aimed to enable a set of information protection standards to clear up how EU residents’ data is utilized and make them protected from privacy and data breaches. Insecure data processing impacts customer loyalty and costs enormous fines even for stores outside the EU.

A complex Magento 2 GDPR legislative solution is designed to help e-commerce stores comply with the latest requirements and protect both store owners and customers. With the extension, merchants can collect and process customers' consents in a transparent way to avoid penalties and lawsuits for incorrect data processing and can be sure that all personal data is operated in a legal way.

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